My name is Alison Nixon and I am a Health and WellbeingCoach!

I am a raw chocolate and nut butter fanatic. I love all kinds of fitness such as running, cycling and yoga .I love to help other people to feel better, look better and perform better.

I started my journey three years ago when I didn’t feel, look or perform well. I was unhappy with my weight, had no energy, suffered from anxiety, cystic acne, and irritable bowl syndrome. I was using sugar and caffeine and a lot of processed foods to get through my day. I had no energy, hated my body, and myself. I wasn’t truly living. I was just surviving each day waiting for the next holiday or long weekend.

One day I woke up and had ‘hit rock bottom’ and I told myself that I couldn’t do this anymore. I was suffering physically and emotionally.

My soul was dead and the spark of life had gone completely. I was tired of being ‘tired’ and sick of being ‘sick’. This led me down a path of discovery to find myself again and to heal my body. I went back to school to study nutrition, coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy. During my training I changed the way I ate by discovering the power of nutrition and training my mind to bring me back to good health and happiness.

From my studies I have learned the power of food and training your mind.

I created a better life for myself and fully healed my acne, anxiety and IBS naturally with food, meditation and training my brain to develop new healthy thought patterns. 

My purpose and passion in life is to help other people to find their healthiest version of themselves. I believe we are all unique and one diet or lifestyle doesn’t fit all. I like to help remove toxins in their diet, increase energy and get back to feeling well and performing at their best. My goal is to inspire and educate people to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Total Wellness Program

This program will transform your life with steps that are easy to do, build confidence and keep you going until you have the life you want.


1:1 Health Consultations

Ready to take action, upgrade your health and feel vibrant again? Let me be your champion and book an individual Health Consultation today.


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