Sail past your mid-afternoon slump!

Have you ever dozed off on your desk at work?  If it ever happens, it’s around the middle of the afternoon… am I right so far?


It probably also happens when you haven’t been sleeping so well or eating healthy.  Maybe you had a bit of a late night, then substituted a proper sleep with coffee and something naughty for breakfast… am I still on track here?


If this sounds like you, then you have been riding the energy rollercoaster, so I’m here with some simple tips to help! 


In the moment of an energy slump striking a quick shot of sugar and caffeine feels like a magic elixir.  For a little while, your eyes are wide open and you’re ready for action.  But soon the magic spell wears off, and you are feeling low and heavy again.  You may even feel worse than you did before your sugary treat.


It’s a vicious cycle!


When you ‘fix’ yourself with caffeine and sugar, you are trying to mend a long-term problem with a short-term solution.  But sugar won’t stave off your tiredness for long. 


So what’s the answer?


It’s all about playing the long game!  Planning ahead, even just a little will go a really long way. 


When you nourish your body – I’m talking proper hydration and whole foods, your energy lasts much longer.  That night you will go to bed with your body better prepared for sleep.  Just a little side note here – dehydration affects your sleep, as does low blood sugar.


So bearing that in mind, you go to bed, sleep a bit better, and already the next day starts on a better note!


Then you’re having something good for breakfast (think slow release energy), and you’re well on your way to a better day.  Your improved energy makes you less likely to snack on things that will spike your sugar and set you off on the energy rollercoaster again.


Speaking of snacks – I actually want to encourage you to have them!  But I’m talking about nutritious snacks that will help you to maintain a steady energy level, sleep well, wake up better, and overall to reverse that vicious cycle.


So here are my top ten healthy snacks to try:


  1. A handful of raw unsalted nuts or homemade trail mix – the protein, fiber, and good fat is a perfect snack combination.


  1. Two cups of mixed raw veggie sticks and 2 tbsp of your favourite dip – hummus, tahini, pesto, etc.


  1. A hardboiled egg, ¼ avocado, and tomato on a piece of sprouted Ezekiel toast or ½ an Ezekiel muffin.


  1. ½ cup organic Greek yogurt (or a lactose-free option) with 1 tbsp nut butter, cinnamon, and ½ apple (sliced), or Greek yogurt with 2 tbsp mixed nuts, seeds, and berries.


  1. Green juice made with cucumber, kale, spinach, parsley, celery, lemon ginger, and coconut oil.


  1. Smoothie made with unsweetened almond milk, ½ banana, 1 tbsp almond butter, protein powder, vanilla, cinnamon, hemp seeds, maca powder/cacao powder, and ice.


  1. One apple, sliced, with 1 tbsp nut butter.


  1. Popcorn with a little sea salt and olive oil and a handful of nuts or seeds.


  1. Chopped fruit salad with fresh mint and some almonds.


  1. Nori seaweed, canned salmon or tuna, avocado, spinach, and cucumber wrap.


Those should get you started! 


I’d love to hear from you about snacks – what are your favourites, and do they help you keep going through the day?  Do let me know in the comments below.


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