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Praise for Alison Nixon

“I used to be a stressed out mess smoking and eating unhealthily.”

Before meeting Alison, on the outside I was a successful independent businesswoman but on the inside I was a stressed out mess. Yes, my business was taking off but it was taking a toll on my health smoking more eating unhealthy and I was finding it a struggle to cope with my expanding business. Working with Alison if I’m honest has been life changing I can now say I’m a non smoker after 15 years, my eating mindset has completely changed junk food yes it’s quick and easy but healthy eating with the right preparation can be too. Work is a lot less stressful I threw a lot of problems or excuses at Alison wanting her to fail but the solutions she suggested I have implemented I’m no longer spending so much stressing about the mountain of work I had to do, I just break the work down and organize my time better. If you have the chance to work with Alison do it! You won’t regret it and the fact I get to call her a good friend now is even better.